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About Me

Hello, I am Sthefani Halterbeck! I am going to be your instructor to the courses that can change your life and turn you into the best PMU and Eyebrow Design artist, helping women to feel more confident about themselves!

My Introduction

When I graduated high school I started going into the beauty business. I did a couple classes in eyebrow design and skin care. Also during that time my mom and I opened a beauty store here in Georgia and thats where I started to grow more and more and decided to have my own name Beauty and brows by Steff.

I’ve always loved anything that had to do with eyebrows. A year after that I decided to do trainings in brazil where I learned how to do semi permanent make up on eyebrows which is a technique called microblading.

I love what I do and my clients. I dedicate my time to make sureyour eyebrows and skin are perfect. I wish to grow more as a business owner and learn more throughout the years.


Get now our team


Professional specializing in waxing, facials, and sugaring


Professional specializing in

waxing and sugaring


Professional specializing in waxing, sugaring and eyebrow design.

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